About the author

"The Translator", born in 1961, under Sagittarius, loves to express himself through stories, in essays on various topics, as well as in books lately. He and his wife currently live in Lebus, near Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. All of their children are economically independent, thus, allowing him to enjoy more time for himself. Writing has always been an inner calling of his, yet unfortunately he could not immediately pursue it as a career. His never-ending curiosity on many subjects pertaining to life and society provide the Translator with unrelenting energy.

He was busy in numerous professions following his ten year school education and an apprenticeship as an able-bodied seaman in Merchant Shipping. Thus the word "ideology" took on a practical significance. At the time of Germany's turning point, he resigned with his former employer because of a strong conflict of conscience. Since 1990 he had worked as an independent sales representative in insurance, finance and real estate, but is now history. Having been employed at a bank for several years where he established and managed a real estate division, he also received insight into the frosty working atmosphere of such institutions. "Under mutual agreement ..." he became a self-employed real estate agent in the region again to earn a living, which in turn provides him with lots of time for various projects that will soon find completion. For some time now he has been extremely involved with the spiritual world. Attending an intensive seminar on channeling provided him with access to the spiritual world and ever since then he is in charge of different tasks, and one of them is to write this trilogy. He wrote this work with an entity that describes itself as an "angel without a name". Later on, for better communication, both agreed on the name "Star-wanderer". The initial, somewhat sporadic, contact developed into a worthwhile friendship, entailing all areas of life by now.

The "Star-wanderer" and many other beings actively accompany the Translator as friends and teachers. He knows the tasks he receives are always in tune to further perfect his personality. Looking back, he cannot say it was an easy path, but it was the most objective-oriented one. Ever since establishing contact with infinite spiritual realms, life's plan and the tasks awaiting him in the next few years have become clear to the Translator. I am sure you agree that the following tasks do not always correspond to the majority's imagination, yet they still require immediate attention. As an example I would like to mention the purification of all bodies of water on earth, in essence, ridding them of dirt, mud and all things that simply do not naturally belong in them. Upon completion of this preparatory work, each body of water is transformed, for example, into a crystal clear lake by filtering all of its water. Are you reaching the limit of your imagination? This is only one of the many tasks he has devoted himself to. He does this because he has come to realize it cannot wait any longer. It is now the eleventh hour...