Buchcover, Der Mensch im Wandel der Zeit, Der Übersetzer

Volume I: Man Through the Ages

This work by the spiritual world, transcribed by Translator, will provide you with first insight on the larger relationship of the cause-effect principle during the life of an individual human. The interested reader, who has perhaps already searched for one or two answers, will discover them in this book. It reveals connections and factual backgrounds that make it now possible to see things from a different perspective. The reader will receive a bit more detailed information about some backgrounds, making him aware of many processes in society that do not follow a logical mindset and are subject to widespread manipulation. Furthermore, we provide suitable techniques on how to avoid manipulation by radio, television or other media, as well as through food, water or the like. This book provides you with peaceful means and solutions. It illuminates the path for the reader, making them understand this new way stands for "winning without fighting". Anyone merely glancing over this blurb will not understand this sentence. Yet we strongly recommend acquiring this mindset. By providing certain insights, we give you a head start in reaching specific objectives sooner. This is done with such ease it will almost entirely escape the common reader. In this book, for the first time, we address all the new abilities mankind will gain in the next twenty years. Two examples out of the many are telepathy and telekinesis. Furthermore, we also refer to clairsentience and clairvoyance, yet we do not regard it in the same light as the reader currently perceives it. You can look forward to the content of this book; it contains many elements that are not yet common knowledge on earth and which are urgently needed at this time that even a single individual can contribute to society's progress, no matter which country you live. We are paraphrasing here, but this will also be the first time you may familiarize yourself with a new way of living together called group-energy. This subject is given a bit more attention in this book as it is now the time to truly understand that fighting unaided is finally over, and how this relates in more detail.
We wish you an entertaining read and promise you will have the next two volumes in your hands in the subsequent years.
Good luck in your new life!


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Buchcover, Der Mensch im Wandel der Zeit, Der Übersetzer

Volume II: Man Through the Ages

The world is upside down and radical change is underway. Old ways are still in place and new ones are not quite up and running. Decisions have to be made. After all, earth's fate lies in our hands. Yet earth is not alone. We are not alone. Earth's fate, our fate, is linked with those of the cosmos. This change will affect everyone. There is no escaping it. Even if you do not make a decision, you will eventually have to choose. But then it will most likely be to live in the third dimension, encountering all the hassles, as well as the many detours. Yet the fifth dimension is around the corner. With it comes a new era full of changes in technology, in humans, and in spirituality. This period has already begun. Many believe this, some already know, but almost everyone feels certain uneasiness, something not right. There is disease, environmental degradation, greed for money and power – constant worrying, more and more unemployment, the inaneness of the entertainment industry … Everything indicates something is lacking, something is needed. The need for the spiritual world has been successfully undermined for a long time. Here, manipulation is the keyword because everything follows a plan, even if the plan is not disclosed to us.

We are not alone and we certainly cannot cope alone. We need the help of the spiritual world, which is already waiting to provide assistance. The spiritual world offers its hand at a time when it is most needed; we merely need to reach out.

Group-energy plays a pivotal role in the contact with the spiritual world, as well as the beginning of a new age. You should learn more about it and then you will understand how group-energy will help build a bridge of light. Build your own bridge of light and become a lightworker. The spiritual world will give you insight on technology and will surprise you with skills that surpass your wildest dreams. In the next twenty years, telepathy and telekinesis, as well as clairvoyance or clairsentience, will not lose their magic, but will find a place in everyday life. And, water will return to its original state, namely, a source of energy. Work will take on a new meaning and earth will be reborn...

You must comprehend the power of the cause-effect principle. Nothing is ever lost and everything has consequences. What you decide today will return tomorrow. Gain insight into a world of spiritual knowledge, so you can make the right decision in time. The old world order is running out of time and the new era is just beginning.

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Socio-economic doctrine

The socio-economic capacity of a country is determined by what extent the government can acquire resources and still comply with the rights of its citizens. Regarding the latter, it is about time to demand, respectively, to receive more. In general, it cannot be considered reasonable when the members of a society, working in the turbulent market and who do most of the work so that the country can even continue to function, live an existence that would have been described as impossible only a few years ago.
Now a phase begins, during which the government either finds its way back to its fellow citizens or else the failure of the system will be announced by the press in bold letters. The current economically induced fund madness has not yet reached its apex and there is still willingness to further exploit the populace.

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30 Day Patents

Earth is suffering from environmental pollution, the effects of the combustion age, as well as global manipulation – so, it is about time to accept outside help. This help has been available for a long time; the only ones missing are numerous lightworkers who can access this help. The place where this urgently needed knowledge is waiting is in the corridors. This place – a part of the Akashic records – is in itself a living library...
The ability to build a bridge of light is innate to mankind. Anyone can become a lightworker. Being a lightworker, you will meet beings in the corridors who preserve the knowledge of the universe. Accompany the Translator on his journey there. In the appendix you will get to know beings in the corridors who hold ancient knowledge for earth.

As a lightworker, you are encouraged to bring desperately needed knowledge and technologies to your world. The survival of humanity – of earth – can only be ensured through you. Only with the help of the spiritual world can a progressive and bright future be achieved. However, it is not only earth that will benefit from this, but when more humans enter the corridors there are more opportunities for other civilizations to benefit as well. Just as technical innovations found their use on other planets for thousands of years.

Once again, group-thought, group-energy, is extremely crucial. An individual cannot solve current problems. Technical writings, or patents, drawn into your world must always be made available to the majority of the populace. This civilization needs group-energy.

Corridor work, awareness journeys and energy exercises are only some of the many subjects in this book. Anyone can access the corridors – through their own willpower, their own experiments, by raising their own vibration level, and by growing into group-energy.

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